Twins – Years Apart

Everyone says it.  Our family, friends and acquaintances are in agreement – our two middle children look just like each other.  They could pass for twins, except for the fact that Sammie is almost 5 and Disney is 2½ – so twins years apart, you might say.  Don’t believe me?  Nothing like photographic evidence…


5 thoughts on “Twins – Years Apart”

  1. Swimmin in the bathtub.. la de da de dum. My siblings and I could never deny each other in terms of looks but Dis and Sammie are REALLY close.

  2. Interesting theory…
    But I forgot to mention that their personalities are like night and day. Well, WERE like night and day until Dis turned two. Now she reminds me more and more of Sammie the handful, sigh…
    Then again, people DO say that twins have opposite personalities a lot…
    I plead the 5th!

  3. Phyllis Beyer

    They are both absolutely adorable. And…..they look just like you did at that age. I do have to say though, you were just a little like them, temperment wise. What is the saying….what goes around, comes around.

  4. Yes, I agree Grandma B. They are both absolutely adorable. WOW, taylhis I am amazed I can’t imagine you being a little Sammie 😀

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