Tony and I are having problems finding ideas for Halloween costumes. We want something that will work as a couple, but something also quick and cheaper than what we have been finding. I would love a costume to shock people, but it is not a necessity. So, if anyone has a suggestion, please,  please let me know. We would really appreciate it.

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  1. Last year I was a fish – my mom has these fish costumes that go over your head – you look out the mouth of the fish. It got a HUGE reaction from people. I could ask her to borrow them again – you could be a couple of fish or one of you could be the fish and one the fishing pole… don’t know how you’d do that, but it’d be cute. Send me an email if you want me to ask my mom if she still has them. She’s coming Oct. 20 so she could bring them then if she still has them.

  2. Like I said, Pugsly and Wednesday Addams. Or Homicidal maniacs, they look like everyone else…

    Flapper and 30’s gangster with Violin Case

    Siamese Twins

    Vampire and Victim (I have a cape…)

    Punk Rockers.

    Check with your sister to borrow some of her old costumes..

    Valley Girl like fur-sure…. Don’t know what the male equivalent is…

    Barbie and Ken???

    Want more?

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