“God Only Knows Who Will Hit The Last One”


Quote made by George Herman “Babe” Ruth As of now, Jose Molina holds the distinction of having hit the final home run at Yankee Stadium. Opening day April 18, 1923 The Babe hit the first home run: a three run shot that helped the pinstripes defeat the Boston Red Sox 4-1. Since then, the Yankees have won 26 World Championship titles and 39 American League Pennants. Love them or despise them the legacy left at the stadium will leave an indelible mark long after the last brick is hauled away and the new stadium is opened mere feet away.

Not only has Yankee Stadium been home to the Bronx Bombers, there have been multiple other events staged at the cathedral. 4 popes have said mass. Boxing matches have been held. The New York Giants played their home games from 1956-1973. Multiple movies have been filmed there (Die Hard with a Vengeance, Big, Anger Management, and of course The Pride Of the Yankees to name a few). George Costanza worked there as the “Assistant to the Traveling Secretary.” Billy Joel, Pink Floyd, and Simon and Garfunkel have all performed concerts at the venue.

My earliest memories of the stadium were during the 1977 World Series and Game Six of the series when “Mr. October” himself hit three home runs. Only 4 years old, but yes, I do remember watching it on television with Howard Cosell’s luminous tones broadcasting. I also do remember the Reggie Bar. Of course, I was raised on stories of the Greats: DiMaggio, Mantle, Whitey Ford, Yogi, and more.

So, although the Bombers will not be present in the post season for the first time in (I believe) 12 seasons, the cathedral was closed tonight in style.

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Final score: Yankees 7, Orioles 3. Andy Pettite gets the win and Jose Molina indeed hit the last dinger. Ironically, a Yankee pitcher hit the first and a catcher hit the final homer. Now… GO CUBBIES!

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