Fun AND Free!


What’s super fun for kids and free for parents?  Well, free for parents who live in most parts of the country, anyway…  AUTUMN LEAVES! Last week my kids had a blast playing with the leaves in the back yard.  It might cost time and money to dispose of the once beautiful fallen leaves, but before they become a nuisance, there’s no reason why they can’t provide hours of family fun!

playing in the leaves oct 09 029

playing in the leaves oct 09 029 (3)playing in the leaves oct 09 029 (16)

6 thoughts on “Fun AND Free!”

  1. You do know these photos of your brood please my mother no end? Perhaps because I have no brood of my own… Yet another reminder that I have yet to rake the leaves here! 😉

  2. I’m so glad your mom enjoys the photos – maybe one of these times we’re in town we could bring the kids by for her to see.

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