Not a review, but a recommendation…


IRON MAN 2 — Let’s see…. Comic book movie? check. Cool FX? check. Decent story line? check. Some humor? check. Believable comic book action? check. Downey plays Stark as a Jerk? Check.. Bad guys, good guys? Check. Cool fights? check. Entertaining for me? Double check.

Ok, it had everything I wanted in a movie tonight. With most comic book movies, I don’t really care if it follows the storyline in any comic before. Heck, most of them have had multiple dimensions, timelines, worlds anyway. What is one more? When you go to one of these movies, you should know what to expect. All you need to ask is if the story you just watched was fun. That’s what comic books are all about, and that is what movies based on comic books should be.

Iron Man 2 was fun. That’s it! No terrible acting that made me remember it was a movie. No strange bad effects to ruin the believability. The CGI was integrated into the live shots well. 2 hours of escapism. Fun stuff.

Full review comes later with spoiler alerts but not here. Just my recommendation. This is a movie I will go to the good theater to see again. Maybe more than once. And then when it comes out on home disk, it is coming home with me. Can anyone say Marvel Comic Movie Marathon?

7 thoughts on “Not a review, but a recommendation…”

  1. YES… very fun movie! I keep waiting for the big team up movie that keeps being hinted at. I think I have all of the big screen Marvel movies on disc… except one that was not so Incredible (but was surpassed by its sequel.)

  2. I got that not so incredible one finally on a discount rack somewhere. $3.00 to complete a collection, not bad. I think I have all of them?

    We have two other characters from the team that have yet to be hinted at. I wonder where they will come from.

  3. I’m not really into comic book movies, but I’ve been catching all of the recent ones somehow – I just like movies. So I’ll probably see Iron Man 2; I did enjoy the first one. Glad to hear it didn’t suffer from sequel-itis.

  4. Iron Man 2 is out in theaters? I’m still on Wednesday’s paper, so I was unaware. I’m sure someone already wrote about this somewhere, but how about that new Nightmare on ES movie? A certain person we know went to one of the schools on film.

  5. @derek – I actually have a draft started about the New Elm St… dunno when I’ll be able to finish it though – busy weekend ahead!

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