I Am Published!


It doesn’t take much to amuse me, I guess, because today I’m happy that my local newspaper printed a picture I sent in of the baby doves that resided in our tree.  You have to subscribe to the paper to see the picture, so if you’re local, pick up a copy to see my picture; it’s on page 5 😉

For the rest of you, follow this link and you can read my post about the baby doves – the photo that was printed in the newspaper is the middle picture.

7 thoughts on “I Am Published!”

  1. Congrats. I’m a published photographer too- you can see my photos on car dealer web sites everywhere. 😉

    (but not the newspaper- so congrats again!)

  2. @derek – That’s funny! But seriously, give me some websites, we’d like to have a look 🙂
    @jamiahsh – you’ll have to log in and see it online – it’s so much better than the black and white version they put in the paper. Or, I guess you could just follow the link I provided, but the picture looks better in the online version of the paper – it’s bigger.
    @justj – famous… haha 🙂 Some funny comments here, made me laugh, thanks guys!

  3. derek, Do those cars, trucks and vans only have one good side? Almost makes me want to go out and buy one… almost.

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