Mutants attack — Movie review with spoilers…


Yes, I saw the new X-Men movie (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) on the first day it opened. For you fans of comic books and haven’t seen the movie yet, I suggest looking at this as one of Marvel alternate universes. If you’re looking for comic book continuity, you won’t find it. The names have been kept the same, but the characters may be different.

That being said, I really enjoyed this movie (see other movie reviews for disclaimers on my liking this type of movie). And I have more than a few reasons

1) Character setup — In a very short time you were able to ‘know’ the characters involved. The back story was handled quickly and gave enough information for the rest of the film. I’m sure that most of this is because we were introduced to this character and the class of characters in the earlier X-Men films, but this is how all comic book movies should be done. Make sure the audience knows the driving force behind the character, and then get to the guts of the movie. People go to these movies to see the action and character interaction, without that, the comic book movies fall short.

2) For a comic book setting, the actions were believable. Yes, if we had those powers, those things could be done. I didn’t see much that was unbelievable from the aspect of what ‘powers’ the characters were given by the script writers.

3) Action sequences were very good, and well placed. The general rule was relax, action, relax and then more action. This kept the movie flowing. The action sequences fit in with the story line developed in those time of relaxing. Also there was a lot of humor in the show. Very important to have that in a comic book movie, in my view.

Spoilers—- Stop reading now if you haven’t seen the movie and might want to ————–


This movie was a set before the other X-Men movies, and my biggest complaint is that some of the things that should have been kept consistent between the shows. While I liked the actor that portrayed Saber Tooth, he did not match the menacing form of Taylor Mane in the first X-Men movie. I think they could have used some makeup to get a better match. I also had a problem with Cyclops being captured. From conversation in the first X-Men Movie, Xavier found him soon after he had his optic blasts. He would not have been in a normal school, he would have been is Xavier’s institute. Nitpicking here, but I would have assumed some continuity between the movies. I don’t think I would have minded as much, but they did go through a lot of trouble to get Logan his leather jacket, and signature look. I’m sure if I see this show again, I will find more.

Another nitpick and I’m sure it was done to keep the PG-13 rating, but there was never any blood on weapons or blades used to stab people. Even with advanced healing, this gave the movie a strange look. I know a comic book, but I found it a bit strange.

I did find the way that Weapon X was able convince Logan to get the Adamantium fused was very good story telling. I was not shocked when his wife/girlfriend was killed, but I was shocked to find out it was all a setup and she was working for the project. Yes, in the movie Stryker was a very sick individual. I think even worse in this movie than in X2. A very sick, twisted mind. Other X-movies indicated that Xavier and Magneto knew about the Weapon X program, but it didn’t seem lie it in this movie (another continuity problem?) .

Other characters. Well I have a lot more to say on this, so for another time

2 thoughts on “Mutants attack — Movie review with spoilers…”

  1. I’ve liked a lot of comic book movies more than I thought I would, but this was not one of them – might have been because of how exhausted I was when I saw it, not sure. More on that later in my blog. Glad you liked it though!

  2. One I’m thinking will have to wait the 5-6 months. I did enjoy the first two X-Men films (the third… eh).

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