Cats Can’t Dance


Unbelievable but true, a Findlay, Ohio senior has been suspended for taking his girlfriend to her prom.  Tyler Frost was warned by his school, Heritage Christian, to not attend his girlfriend’s prom at Findlay High School.  The fundamentalist Baptist school distributes handbooks to the students and includes rules that prohibit such things as rock music, dancing, hand holding, and kissing.  Whatever we may think about the rules, they were printed and distributed to every student.  Who can speculate on the student’s decision to attend the school: was he encouraged by his parents?  However, the more press I see about the incident the more I think Mr. Frost was just out to make a name for himself.  He and his girlfriend are on their way to New York to make the rounds on news programs.  However, he will not be participating in his high school graduation exercises but will receive his diploma following his final exams.  Honestly, it sounds like the old issue of rock and roll being the devil’s music.  Read more details here.

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  1. So he was warned by his school aside from the handbook? He did the “crime”, he should do the time – take the consequences, I guess. I think it’s a bit extreme, but if he knew the rules and chose to disobey, then that’s his fault. Wonder what this school thinks about his having a girlfriend in the first place?
    At least he still gets his diploma.

  2. It was my understanding that he was verbally warned before escorting the young lady. Don’t think there was anything specific about having a girlfriend just very stringent about the PDAs. Reportedly, he would do it again.

  3. Sounds like he wanted what he wanted, and felt consequences should not apply to him. It certainly doesn’t help that his father is encouraging this by suing. Not that the lawsuit will get far if a contract has been signed. I also agree that the rules and consequences are a little extreme, but again, the family agreed to them when they put the boy in school.

    There is a Christian school by me where the girls are not allowed to wear pants of any kind (unless they’ve relaxed the rule in recent years)…

  4. Not a rebellious kid at all… just wanted to take his girlfriend to her prom. Unfortunately, the school’s rules forbade this and he is now facing the consequences. Reportedly, the principal DID sign the permission slip which is required for guests outside FHS to attend the prom.

  5. The principal signed it, with his warning. No, I don’t see the kid as rebellious, but he was warned, knew there would be consequences, and is (along with his father) complaining and trying to get out of them now that he chose to ignore the warning.

    FWIW, I don’t think the school should have ever had something like that in the contract but that is from someone who doesn’t view dance as sin, in general (some types of dances very much are). The Baptist church does believe dance is sin, so while I personally don’t believe such a rule should be there I understand why it is.

  6. Agreed, the rules were made clear whether we as outsiders agree with them or not… or even if someone who has been a student at the school for at least 4 years agrees or not.

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