HELLO EVERY PEOPLE!!! Morat he a go to Flor-ida country also.  One day, the two little girl people and Morat go outside and a find many, many snails.  We a put them inside a big bowl but we a run out of a room, so we a get bigger bowl.  Then, it was a time to go to the big, round golf ball.  But a before that, Morat he a go to a share time place.

This man person giving tour laugh at Morat very much. He say Morat should a go to Vegas.  He take Morat around the share time place and he see many womans working there. It a good thing woman not give me tour.  I say, Morat will a not take tour from womans.   He ask if they are married womans.  Some say yes.  I ask if they will go on Wife Swap trading on tv box.  They all say no.  I say Wooly Sheep.  They a just laugh and turn a red face.  Finally, strange man finish talking about share of time.  Morat say no thank you very much.

Morat then wait looooooong time for OHHO people to finish at their share time.  Man who gave talk come back a to Morat and say, “You’re still here?”I no understand a dis share time.  It a sound like a bunch of how you say, tech no speak.

When OHHO people come to a pick up Morat, they a go to the COT of EP at the Mouse house.  Many, many strange things.  We a go visit other countries like a you say No Way, and Mexico country.  I a tell little people to bring the snails to France for de escargot.  but a one thing I no understand.  WHERE IS LISWATHISTAN!!!  NO LISWATHISTAN AT MOUSE HOUSE!!! I WILL SUE DE MOUSE FOR 1 BOULLION CUBE!!! Or I just let Mouse drink all the soda of Italy.  Not a so good 🙁

But Morat a like many other things at eP of COT.  I like a the Big Golf ball ride.  OHHHHH… the woman inside sound a like the woman who is the boss of Oh-oh-Seven… her name is a M.

I a also like a very much the ride of Ellen.  Is Ellen married woman?  She a seem a little strange to me.  Ellen goes on Jeopardy on tv box.

But my a favorite part of the Golf Ball Place is the Soarin’.  Wooly Sheep.  EVERYONE WINS!!!  OH, Morat almost a forget about the little Fig ride.  The smelly animal made a big stink.  And little person say Morat made a stink.

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