I’ll Be Right Back

My first night in Orlando was spent at a dinner theatre entitled Arabian Nights.  The theatrical portion was a charming story featuring a female genie in training.   However, the story took second place to the real stars of the show: a group of beautiful horses and their acrobatic riders.  There was daring stunts, magical scenes, a chariot race, and (my favorite part) the antics of the clownish rider.  Amazingly enough, the riders were varied in terms of experience although they all seemed to have been riding since birth.

The activity was not limited to the stage. The two year old member of our group decided that she was going to venture out on her own.  “I’ll be right back,” she said.  Fortunately, her escape was thwarted and all was well with our band.

Following the show, I got my first glimpse of the accomodations I would be using AFTER we made a slight detour back to Old Town.  At the condo, we decided to place an order that would become a staple the next two nights: pizza (specifically, Domino’s… if you want to call it pizza).  So, if you are planning a trip to Orlando and want to break away from the parks for a few hours, plan a trip to Arabian Nights, especially if your family includes small children.

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