Speak The Speech, I Pray You, As I Pronounc’d It To You, Trippingly On The Tongue


I remember very well learning this line spoken by Hamlet to the Players in Act II, Scene ii.  It was during whatever course falls between beginning and advanced acting (which would be intermediate) and each student had to learn the speech and deliver it trippingly on the tongue.  We also had to choose a monologue from the bard, memorize it, and perform it in true Elizabethan fashion… ok the costume was extra credit.

Tonight, we had read-through (FINALLY!) for Miracles.  It went very well… imho.  Beth told me to watch my delivery at times.  In places, it sounded as if I was “reading” the lines instead of attempting to “perform” them.  However, she was very complimentary most of the time and it was the read-through so as we progress I can only go one way.  I even surprised myself in a couple of scenes.  “Eve” was absent so our producer had to fill in for the role of my daughter.

I do get to sing bits of two songs, waltz, and a short little dance with “Eve.”  The waltzing may be the most challenging bit of all.  HAHA!  Somehow I think that the drama will be a challenge, too.  But… a challenge is a GREAT thing! Time to once again put my erasable highlighter to use… so glad that the gift I received is being put to good use 😉  Think I found another good use for the blog… an actor’s triumphs and stumbles spot!

7 thoughts on “Speak The Speech, I Pray You, As I Pronounc’d It To You, Trippingly On The Tongue”

  1. Ah, the erasable highlighter… truly a gift only an actor can appreciate!
    Glad your first rehearsal went well!

  2. Erasable highlighter? Such a thing exists? I’ll have to look more into this.

    I would have to do a waltz in another role I would want to play someday- Archibald Craven in The Secret Garden. I hope it goes well for you!

  3. @derek – I have more erasable highlighters… consider them a gift for next time you travel out here (hint, hint).

  4. I think I can handle a waltz. I had to waltz in a previous production. Some saw and others could not see b/c the only performance they could see was cancelled 🙁

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