New Easter Traditions


Over the past year I’ve learned a lot.  Many people can say the same, for life itself is one big learning experience.  So while I’ve learned a lot about many things, I have also grown spiritually by leaps and bounds ever since we joined a wonderful church family in March of 2009.

As my entire family grows spiritually, we’ve come to realize how much more there is to Easter than eggs and bunnies.  The coloring, decorating, hiding, seeking, and eating of Easter eggs is always so much fun on Easter, and this year was no exception.  As parents, my husband and I treasure all of the milestones, big and small – we even treasure the little sleep we get when we stay up late to prepare the Easter Bunny’s baskets for our children and wake up early to frantically hide the perishable eggs before the excited little ones wake up.

The girls and their colored Easter eggs

But last year, we added a new tradition to our Easter weekend – attending a beautiful church service where we were taught (in my case) and reminded (in my husband’s case) of the real meaning of Easter Sunday – the sacrifice of God’s only Son and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We attended church again this Easter Sunday, and we were pleased to see that our worship center at church was overflowing – standing room only; filled with people who were excited to share His Glory with their family, friends and loved ones.

4 cuties ready for church on Easter Sunday

This year, we also added a new tradition to our family’s Easter celebrations.  My thoughtful sister had sent the kids Resurrection Eggs in the mail the week before, so after we colored our edible eggs, we sat down together and listened as my husband read the story of Easter Sunday aloud.  Along with the book came a set of a dozen plastic eggs, each containing a little token illustrating the story of Easter Sunday – there was a little donkey, a cross, a whip, a cloth, a crown of thorns and more.  The kids took turns opening the eggs, and it really got them thinking about the meaning of this special holiday.  I think the Resurrection Eggs really helped them to understand the meaning of God’s sacrifice.  After the story was read, they continued to play with the eggs for over an hour, and then they brought down the entire set for me to put away until next year – that says a lot right there because putting away toys after they’re done playing with them is not exactly one of our kids’ strong points!

My girls exploring Resurrection Eggs with their Daddy

So it was a wonderful Easter, filled with family, laughter and love, and I am grateful for every minute.  As we add these new traditions, Easter is becoming a favorite holiday of mine, and I am very excited to continue all of these Easter traditions next year!!

However you celebrated, whatever your faith, I hope your Easter was happy, safe, and fun!!

5 thoughts on “New Easter Traditions”

  1. That is sooo amazing and special! Hope you keep adding to the traditions to celebrate the special days! AWESOME!

  2. Resurrection eggs- what a cool idea! I’m glad you enjoyed a good Easter. As for me, after being a part of six Good Friday and Easter services, it was nice to just go to a restaurant with five others of my family and enjoy lunch.

  3. Yes, Resurrection Eggs are cool. A friend from church was frustratedly commenting to me about how she couldn’t find any Jesus-related Easter trinkets at Walmart for her grandkids, so that made me appreciate Resurrection Eggs even more. I’ve added a link in my post which I meant to put there in the first place…

  4. Phyllis Beyer

    What a special day you had with your family. I am sure that as they grow up they will remember these special times and carry on the traditions with their families some day. You and Chris are wonderful parents. My grandchildren look absolutely adorable in their “Easter outfits”.

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