Regular program to be continued soon…  One thing about no longer subbing is that I no longer have a lot of time to pass reading books as I did during specials (elementary) or free periods (middle school).  I typically don’t even take a lunch break- I just eat while driving to the next dealer.  For the last couple of weeks I have been heavily reading the tome from Robert Jordan known as book one of the Wheel of Time.  Yep, many more will follow, but I will take a break between books.


So besides skipping out on reading my friends’ blogs which I will remedy soon, I have missed out on some topics to blog about, like first week of May holiday crunch with three celebrated days in a row.  We all know about cinco de mayo, but bookending May 5 are Star Wars Day (May the 4th… be with you) and the National Day of Prayer which a liberal judge recently decided was “unconstitutional,” but in his graciousness set aside his Judgment while appeals are made.  How nice.  Yeah right it’s unconstitutional- as if asking people to pray is advocating one religion over another.  How many religions pray now?  Of course I personally advocate only one and believe only prayers to our one God are heard and answered but that’s beside the point of this day set aside for our nation.


Dandelions- all over the place.  This menace to lawns everywhere is really bad, at least in this area.  One of the guys in my small group runs a landscaping business and has personally testified to this Spring 2010 epidemic.  Mow ’em over, they are back in less than two days, spewing their poison as little white puffs in the wind.  Pick ’em, and the next day they are back with a vengeance.  I would readily believe after this week that the Greek myth about the Hydra started with these small yellow creatures- cut off one head and two take its place.


So what does the future of posting hold?  Well, I still have a couple of yearbook posts in me and I haven’t started on any retrogaming posts.  Those will be starters.  And I am hoping Saturday the 15th will bring a post, when we try again to do a small group outing for our young 4th-grade boys.  And there is yet another holiday approaching this Sunday.  Well, time to pick up the pizza- gotta go!


PS. For certain OH readers, it looks like I am good to visit Memorial Day weekend- I am 95% sure I can stay through Monday.  I have cleared it with my boss, but I still have to mention it to the two dealers I serve that day.  I’m sure they will be happy to not have me come on Memorial Day though.

8 thoughts on “Sorry…”

  1. First, welcome back! I’ve been just as lax about reading/responding, also. Go figure, life happens. Second, I’m glad to hear you’re going to visit!!! It’s nice to get away once in a while!

    Wheel of Time… will have to meet Travis when you come down. He owns all of them and is a huge fan. I’m sure you two can bond over them!!! 😉

    As for dandelions….I happen to think they are beautiful! One of my former residences had a beautiful lawn of dandelions and wild purple violets. So pretty! I have a few of the violets in my yard at this house, but not nearly as many. I do agree that there are more dandelions this year than I think I’ve ever seen…..and I’m ok with that. And really, who decided that dandelions were weeds? I don’t see them that way…… 😉

    Glad all is well! Hope to see you around Memorial Day!!!

  2. Hey, long time! 🙂 Yes, sometimes life happens. I’ve been blogging enough for two, I’ll share.

    I’m looking forward to the retrogaming posts myself, and your visit to the NW corner of Ohio.

  3. @ Mary911: Dandelions do look nice, but they spread so fast- hence their weed status I guess. BTW, we do have some of that purple stuff in our backyard too, from the neighbors behind us…

    @JustJ: You have indeed! I have just replied to some of them, too (you as well, Mary911). At your request, I will try to make my next post retrogaming related!

  4. Yes, I posted my well wishes for May the Fourth on the (AHHHH) facebook and commented on froggies blog. YEAH… he’s a coming to visit!

  5. Well, everyone pretty much beat me to it – I was going to say YAY about the visit (still am actually even if everyone else said it first which I’m glad to hear!) and also that I used to find dandelions pretty too… still do, at least when they’re yellow. But then when they turn white and get really long, they become ugly, and I agree with Derek – the weed status comes from how fast they grow’ it must be. I’m glad you all mentioned it because I feel like we’re in a dandelion epidemic this year too!! Our yard has been crawling with them, and I watch them pop up only 1-2 days after mowing! It’s SO frustrating! I thought it was because the kids discovered the fun of dandelions this year – you know, blowing the white parts (seeds!) everywhere… I thought it was cute at first, so I didn’t stop them, but then I see what happened to our lawn 🙁
    So Derek, you’re most likely coming Memorial Day weekend – YAY! Coming Sat, leaving Mon? Sounds like a lot of tangenteers would like to meet you, so maybe we’ll have to schedule a game night for Saturday night. We’ll just have to kick people out earlier than the post-midnight time they usually stay until so that we can get to church on Sunday without being too tired! Looking forward to it!

  6. It’s a plan. I look forward to the games you’ll pick out for us to play. 🙂 I’ll let you know if Monday doesn’t work out for some reason, but even if it doesn’t I still plan to be there early afternoon Saturday.

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