Dark Thoughts???


I do have a ‘Facebook’ account. Yes, I have joined the evil dead some time ago. I have yet to play any of the games or join groups. I try to keep up with some friends and my children.

Anyway, I will occasionally post things to the status. A few (very few I think) friends have said to me that my updates on facebook seem a bit dark. I did tell them that they need to read some of my blog posts if they want dark. Hee Hee. I doubt that they will read them. I just wonder sometimes.

Yes, I have put a few quotes from Edgar Allen Poe. They could be considered dark, Poe is dark at times. But for the most part I have ‘happy go lucky’ little comments. Quotes from movies and little jokes. I wonder if my humor is being missed?

Oh well, it was just something I wanted to comment on.

4 thoughts on “Dark Thoughts???”

  1. Hmm, don’t think I can read your Facebook without being active on my Facebook, and I am really close to just closing the account, not about to use it so… I will keep away from your ‘dark side’ and stay here on the blog 🙂

  2. After reading what I have about Myspace, and more recently Facebook on privacy, I can’t bring myself to join no matter the social benefits. Unfortunately I think this means I can’t see your page for myself so I will have to satisfy myself with the randomness of your blog. 😀

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