A Brother, A Butcher, A Baker, Or Any Old Part?


I have officially decided which show I will be auditioning for this summer.  While I loved my experience in the melodrama a few summers ago, I have to go with the big musical extravaganza of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat.  Nothing beats a big, fun, and energetic musical.  Plays are fun to do but for the past well… forever, if a musical is being done, I am all for it.  Now… which role to try out for….

  • the Elvis channeling Pharoah?  I am an Elvis fan, but not the best Elvis channeler.
  • Potiphar… never cared for the role.  I can’t recall but I think that he was double cast in another role in productions I have been involved with.
  • The baker or butler could be fun, but limited roles… possibility.
  • There are a few of the 11 brothers (good men and true) I could see myself as and if anyone knows the show and myself well enough they should be able to take a stab at at least one of my choices.
  • Jacob… well, I did just finish playing Grandpa Prophater.
  • Joseph, himself?  I dunno… how old was Donnie Osmond when he stepped into the part in the 90s?

Well, I have a few weeks to narrow my choices unless I decide to say give my anything and sing everything from the show.

5 thoughts on “A Brother, A Butcher, A Baker, Or Any Old Part?”

  1. Donnie was in his late 30’s or early 40’s when he played Joseph. If I were you, I would go for any part. Makes it more interesting. That cast needs men, so there is a very good chance you will get role other than the one you try out for anyway.

    One never knows.

  2. very true, j… lots of male parts. O/C I will be pleased with any part I get.. but I think it is good to let the director know where your interests lie. I will NEVER be a prima donna who limits themselves to one role or nada. So many times I have gotten the better parts by willing to be anything, Hopefully, directors see that.

  3. I say let her know your interests but say you will take anything. i dunno… but I’m looking forward to seeing the show no matter what! It’s been fun to work on its planning stages so far!

  4. You want Zebulun. That’s the part I played in the non-dance church version about 15-ish years ago, not that the particular brother really mattered since they split all their songs up anyway.

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