Two Laborious Days Or Surviving The Fumes


My Labor Day Weekend beginning Saturday afternoon was full of labor (at least the first two days of it).  Overnight Saturday into the wee hours of Sunday, a group from our sister store across the state line came and stripped and polished our floors… not a job I would be first in line to accept.  However, Saturday I found myself doing the menial task of clearing displays and whatever could be moved from the sales floor into the backroom.  Small chest freezers were defrosted, pallets full of 24 packs of Pepsi product were pulled back, gumball and sticker machines, Rug Doctor rental machines… EVERYTHING!  Some customers began to wonder if we were moving out.  WOW! I hope not!  I remember the last time I was part of this prep being July 4th Weekend of 2008 although I was assured that the process was completed since then.  By the time 8 PM rolled around I was ready to call it a night.  HOWEVER, I was asked to come in at 7.30AM Sunday morning to help move everything BACK to the floor.  VERY begrudgingly, I agreed.

7.30 AM Sunday morning.  I arrive at the store to find nothing even being attempted to be moved into place.  I also notice the quite distinguishable aroma of waxed floor and more than a little slickness as I make my way inside.  The manager informs me that the floor is not nearly ready to have all of the displays put back.  UGH!!!! I could have stayed at home for at least a half-hour longer.  However, if she was willing to pay me for an hour of standing around in the office off the floor… who was I to argue?  I did get a free donut out of the deal.

So, by the time 2PM came around, I was once again ready to call it a day.  Diane must have been ready for me to call it a day because as soon as the hour began she said: “Go home.”  The fumes from the cleaner still lingering created a slight sense of weirdness.  Once again, customers very strangely commented that it smelled good.  By 7.45AM, I had had enough of the odor thank you very much.  At 3.00PM, I could still smell the after effects of the cleaning.  When I went to work at noon today (I did have Labor Day off), the scent still lingered.  But I still am glad that I did not spend the night polishing. 😀

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