What happened to my coffee???


I have written many times about my love of coffee. I will admit that I am a bit of a coffee snob. But I never needed to have gourmet coffee at every turn. But for the past couple of days the coffee I’ve had just didn’t taste right. Hmmm…

At work last Friday I had one cup of coffee. It was flavored coffee (beans from a local coffee shop) and it had an off flavor. Ok, maybe I don’t like that flavor, I’ve had some experience with that.

Saturday no coffee. Sunday no coffee. Tea tastes fine both days…

Monday coffee at lunch. It was bad even for store brands… Arrrg.

Monday dinner. I was at a well know chain restaurant that usually has decent coffee. The first cup was ok, the second cup not so good. More Arrggg.

Today I had one cup at work. My Kona blend. Can I just say it was nasty..

I think I found the problem at work, the water in our new office just isn’t right for coffee or tea. My green tea in the afternoon had a weird/off flavor too. I really hope they get the water coolers. Or at least put a filter on the water. Maybe I should get a pitcher with a filter on it…

Told you I was a bit of a coffee nerd/snob. If I can be upset with the coffee based on the water it was made from. Funny the water doesn’t taste bad from the faucet, just when mixed with coffee or green tea. The black tea was fine..

3 thoughts on “What happened to my coffee???”

  1. Isn’t your home town known for having the best tasting water in the world? You probably have high standards. And that’s strange that your coffee flavors are off, since I haven’t been finding any decent iced tea around here lately – I felt like all the places were changing their suppliers or something. So maybe everyone is tightening their belts because of the economy, or maybe there is something wrong with the local water.

  2. I don’t lives in the village limit so I don’t have their wonderful, award winning water. And the coffee I’ve had hasn’t had that water either. I was used to the good filtered water at our old location. I just didn’t realize how much of a different it made.

    Iced tea being off… I think it has to do with the cooler summer temperatures. The tea sits around longer. Iced tea is best when very fresh. Yes, I’m a bit of a snob there too.

  3. Yes, much of the fresh-brewed stuff tastes bitter which I think is an effect of sitting around for awhile. And some other places have switched from the fresh brewed to the machine tea, YUCK!

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