Strange Thing Mystifying


We have recently become even more technologically advanced at work.  We have just installed check readers.  Instead of needing to completely fill out the check, all the customer has to do is sign their name.  The check is then run through the reader for approval.  NOW comes the drawback:  each time the customer uses the check reader, they MUST show their ID.  This seems like a hassle even to me.  Having worked at wM for 7 years, the readers there only checked  ID periodically.

Tonight, I had a visit from someone who remembered me from at least 18 years ago.  I previously related my tale of waiting on Professeur Peters (my high school French teacher).  Tonight, I waited on her daughter.  “I remember you.  You were in my mom’s French or Spanish class.”  Then she told me that she remembered seeing me as Rooster.  WOW!  Even with a little less hair.

Later, I had a heartbreak.  A customer whom I know quite well appproached me and informed me that he had a little accident.  “OH, GREAT!  What did you break now :)”  Then I came to the accident.  His little daughter had a little accident and was totally embarrassed.  I felt so bad for her.  I told him to run up to the restroom to clean her up while I took care of the puddle on the  floor.

AH… such as life during a nine hour day.

7 thoughts on “Strange Thing Mystifying”

  1. Aww, how old was the little girl who had the accident? I can certainly sympathize with that, especially during these potty training days.
    I always hated when wmart would ask for my id for checks, but mostly because I wasn’t used to it, so I didn’t have my id on me much.

  2. I think she was 3 or 4. I really felt bad b/c she was really in tears. I dunno if it was from embarrassment or the cold. And I was informed that if we run a check through the reader, it will ask EVERY time for the ID. Maybe it’s a sign that we are going to be a plastic society quite soon.

  3. So you have to type in the DL# every time then? Or just check the ID and confirm that you did on the machine? I would be quite annoyed to have to enter the number every time, but then again how often do you get checks these days?

  4. It’s supposed to be every time but I only ask if I don’t know them… regulars and paper checks are becoming less frequent anyway.

  5. That’s kind of what C pointed out – why did they invest on check processing tech when checks seem like they’ll be obsolete within 5 years?

  6. I guess it is required now. But, yeah… definitely going to be plastic in the near future. I think I take more credit/debit/food stamps than actual paper.

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