No Five Mile Jaunts Today


Call it my resolution for the year if you want but it seems that I have been walking a bit lately.  Last week being my vacation, I walked a lot.  Monday on the zoo excursion I’m sure was good for my daily walk (like to get in a mile or two a day).  This Monday was my longest one yet.  The weather was still nice so I grabbed my ipod and headed north along 49 and turned down a country road, walked to the next road going west and eventually walked a good country block heading up River Street back into town (that was a good 4 miles).  I then continued walking through town in a roundabout way to eventually end up at the post office.  Then back home.  I must have gone at least 5 miles.

Tuesday was another story entirely.  This time, I headed south on 49 and got about a mile out of town when I decided that it was just crazy cold.  I then turned around and stopped by my oldest brother’s house to go in and warm up a bit before going home.

The long walks really are helped with my ipod mix.  I have it on shuffle so that when an album that I really like comes on, I will switch it to play straight through.  Before you know it, an hour and a half has passed.  Particularly good when I downloaded one of my favorites that I had on cassette (there it is again) back in the day.  You know one that you play continuously, rewind, fast forward, and then get it caught and eaten and there you go, no more tape.  Oh, the recording: the 20th Anniverary Recording of the London version of Jesus Christ Superstar.  Paul Nicholas as Jesus, Claire Moore as Mary Magdalene, and Keith Burns as Judas Iscariot.  My favorite piece has to be “Could We Start Again, Please?”  Upon hearing the song, it quickly became a favorite… maybe that’s why the cassette got eaten.  Of course, another highlight is “Herod’s Song.”  The entire recording is good for at least an hour and a half hike.

Hopefully, the temperature outside improves from the 19 degrees of today quickly so I can take another long walk instead of the walk to and from work.

9 thoughts on “No Five Mile Jaunts Today”

  1. Good for you! Too bad I wasn’t so lazy about walking. I ‘m sure I could manage to do it every day if it was just myself that I had to get ready. But having 3 others to dress for the cold and then a double stroller to push… I’m just too lazy for that!!

  2. Chances are, I would not be as energetic having to get 3 others around. I’m sure you get more than enough exercise chasing them around 😉

  3. I have been advised to start walking myself. Good thing I have an Ipod of my own, filled right now with contemporary and worship Christian music.

  4. If only I got enough exercise chasing them around. You’d think…

    And listening to the ipod would motivate me, but I’m too “needed”. You wouldn’t believe how many times I had to press the pause button last time I tried to wear it on a walk or at Walmart… Made it not worth wearing anymore.

  5. Good for you, J , I wish I could get motivated again! I feel like a bear hibernating for the winter telling myself to wait for spring! But my class reunion is this summer and I was going to lose 50 lbs five years ago! Yipes!
    And yes I did not proof read my last post so you were right.

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