Are we there yet?


The next story will be totally made up from bits and pieces of the stories I heard about the road trip….

Many years ago, my oldest daughter was around 9 (almost 10) and the next daughter was 5. They took a road trip out to California with their grandparents. It was the oldest’s second trip out. What I remember from the stories is that the youngest on the trip would be able to find any McDonalds, even with her eyes closed. They were able to visit relatives. There were fireworks, but somebody slept through them. I think Uncle Butch had a Hot Tub. There littlest sister was born that year (I think). If the little sister is correct, then a new cousin was waiting for them in California. It has been so long, I think I need input from the people who actually went. I have bits and pieces in my memory, and it must have been some road trip for the grandparents. Maybe, just maybe I will transpose different people and really make the thing up. 😉

Ready for a road trip of my own…

4 thoughts on “Are we there yet?”

  1. I vaguely remember my own road trip west in 1978. I remember Disneyland (notably the Haunted Mansion) and Universal (the OLD Jaws ride, seeing the Incredible Hulk being filmed, and playing Col. Steve Austin by escaping from jail and flipping over a van with the help of my two oldest brothers). I also remember the LONG car trip!

  2. I love road trips. If it weren’t for the mortgage, I would live in an rv and travel around the continent constantly. ‘Course I’d have to find an rv big enough for 7 people, 2 dogs, 2 rats, a parrot and a bunny… And what would that cost to fill up with gas these days? Ok, no thanks, I love my house in small town America!!

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