Little Morat At The Office In Smallville

Finally after the casting issues have hopefully been taken care of, the rehearsal process for Little Women can finally get started.  Apparently, one cast member (that I am aware of) decided that she would rather not be in the cast.  Better to get that taken care of sooner than later.  Hopefully, there will be no further predicaments to present themselves.  Read through will be Thursday night from 7.30-10PM.  Thank heaven for DVR so I can watch new episodes of Smallville and The Office at a later time.  By the way, the second season episode “Booze Cruise” was absolutely tremendous.  I just appreciate how much character development can be placed in one-half hour show involving most if not all of the ensemble.

Back to theatre (sorry to go off on a tangent).  Today at work I had no less than 10 customers ask me when my next show is.  My next show?!  I told them all to keep June 20-29 open.  Then I get the customary person who has seen me before but just can’t place me.  Well, I worked at a major retail chain for like 6 years.  No…. that’s not it.  Well, I have been doing a bit of theatre…. That’s IT!!!!  Then, it is time for the character from Liswathistan to return.  BTW, my boss keeps telling me to say that my former place of employment stinks instead of going into my 2 minute speech about why I am not there anymore.  Always nice to have fans.

4 thoughts on “Little Morat At The Office In Smallville”

  1. Your former place of employment does stink 🙂

    Knew you’d appreciate the Booze Cruise episode… now I will have to watch it again to refresh my memory…

  2. standupfclef

    Yep fans and recognition are fun. The other day I was at the dump and this guy walks up and says, “Hey you’re that bass player in Lisa Young’s Band”. Does that make me a Dumpstar? Get it? … Dumpster … hehe

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