One disk at a time.


I’m slowly going through a number of DVDs and CDs that I have recorded/created/burned  over the years.  There are stacks of them.  Most not marked.  I have been going through disk by disk trying to figure out what is on each.  Right now I’m playing a recording that didn’t turn out so well.  Seems like I had a lot of dropped frames in it.  One more for the junk heap.

2 thoughts on “One disk at a time.”

  1. Unless I find any more unmarked disks, I’m all done…. 3 junk disks out of close to 50. Not too shabby.

  2. I have tons myself- labeled, but I rarely go through them so I just have to wonder what the point was of burning them in the first place… It is mostly stuff I have downloaded over the years.

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