How About Some CHEESE, Please?


While working today, the boss and I were doing up cheese trays for the holiday.  She asked my opinion on the festivity of her trays.  Some of them were appropriate; however, there were a few of the most attrocious looking things I have ever seen.  They kind of reminded me of some of the place settings of Liswathistan.  One had a pea green, brown, and funky looking orange scheme.  It might have been ok with a more decorative scene on it.  All the trays were covered with alluminum foil so the scheme was effectively hidden.  Diane also informed me that most of the trays had been left over from the previous owners.  Apparently, they did not like them either.  Hard to believe that it took 8-9 years to find them.  They were hidden really well.  I can’t wait to see the trays she plans to use for Christmas cheese trays.  One good thing came of this: I got to sample some hot pepper cheese (YUUUUUMMMY!)

4 thoughts on “How About Some CHEESE, Please?”

  1. Mmm… Cheese trays. I couldn’t get enough before dinner at a function a few weeks ago. Swiss was the best, though hot pepper jack and muenster aren’t bad either.

  2. No… the cheese was not on them at the time of finding. We could have had some nice bacteria by then not to mention a lovely odor.

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