Beep Beep/Beep Beep/YEAH!


Excitement abounded the last few days in Etown.  Last night, I got the happy privilege of calling the boys in blue following an accident in the parking lot of the store.  No injuries, thankfully.  From what we could determine, once again, a young woman had been talking on (guess what) her cell phone and backed out without seeing another car.  She was still on her phone as she and the other party entered the store.  About an hour later, I was taking some trash out in the deluge only to find the police car still sitting in the lot with the young lady inside.  Perhaps, he was illustrating the evils of cell phone driving.

Later, the victim (a frequent shopper) returned to the store.  I tried to lighten the mood by making sure he thought it was safe to come back.  He has apparently not had the best of luck with his vehicle.  He previously hit a deer with the same car. I thought he had been having a REALLY bad day, but both accidents did not happen yesterday.

This morning when I told my co-workers about the incident, they thought I was talking about another altercation.  Our faaaaaaavorite customer was arrested earlier this week for indecent exposure.  I had to ask if it happened at the store.  I’m sure that everyone (regardless if you have ever worked in retail or not) knows the type.  He quite frequently comes into the store and tries to get everything he can for as little as he can.  He even attempts to bring back meat that he has opened, used, and tries to freeze.  This would not be so bad if it had not expired three months ago (yes, he even had the label on it).  To top it all off, he usually comes into the store reeking of alcohol.  He has been banned from the convenience store in town for running scams…. buying a case of his favorite beverage, and returning it 5 minutes later because one of the cans had a hole in it?

AH… life in small town USA!

3 thoughts on “Beep Beep/Beep Beep/YEAH!”

  1. You don’t need to act, jamiahsh- it seems you have enough drama in your own life! 😮

    Now if the deer incident caused damage to the same area of his car as the parking lot accident, he might just get free damage repair. Not that I condone insurance fraud, but sometimes they just automatically cover it all.

  2. It seems like your “favorite” customer isn’t typical of small town USA – I’m surprised he tries to pull the same scams in the same stores over and over again. If he lived in a bigger city, there would be more stores to victimize… Regardless, it stinks to have to deal with someone like that on a regular basis. Hopefully he’ll get his act together. The retail I worked was fast food and frozen yogurt, so no, we never had anyone trying to return things days later, thank goodness or YUCK! I also worked as a receptionist and as a server at a nuns’ retreat house. In all jobs, there were always a few customers trying to take advantage of the business, and that’s just sad. Well, not at the retreat house – the alcoholics retreat had some of the nicest people, but man, did they drink a lot of coffee! 🙂

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