Baby, It’s Cold Outside


And nowhere was that more apparent then at work today.  When I arrived, the indoor had it’s usual mind of it’s own during blustery days.  So, I locked it much to the chagrin of customers who still tried to push it open without heeding the “Please Use Other Door” sign.  People actually thought we were closed at 5PM.  The marquee with our specials advertised out front also was problematic.  I don’t know how many people came in and told us that it was about to blow away.  It was so wind that the swinging doors leading to the stock room would swing back and forth.  I don’t know of any ghost stories surrounding the store, but I have been in the catacombs and it is not a pretty sight!  Maybe a projectionist from the days of the movie theatre met an unfortunate end.  Ah, well we may be in for a long winter and the calendar still says we are still in Autumn.

.  And here’s a cute video to enjoy in the cold.

5 thoughts on “Baby, It’s Cold Outside”

  1. Of course yesterday had to be the day we had to drive all over the country roads which was scary in this wind – worried about trucks losing their load or tipping on us! Maybe the season will start with a bang and then fizzle out to no big deal, who knows. And I thought this new furnace was going to LOWER the gas bill 🙁

  2. Thanks…
    But we just got the bill today, and we used twice as many units this Nov as we did last Nov when we had the old furnace. I don’t remember this Nov being twice as cold as last year, but I’m hoping I’m wrong!

  3. I had to take photos outside today- brr. One of my dealers told me to just come back Monday. Note to self: covering the face is necessary in icy winds. Long underwear: check. Sweatshirt under jacket: check. Boots, warm socks, gloves, hat: check. So why was my face freezing? Oops…

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