A Rude Awakening

This morning while I was in bed peacefully sleeping in the quiet confines of my nearly abandoned home (the parents are nearly finished with their 2 week trip to California), I was  alarmingly awakened by thhe srill tone of the telephone ringing.  I looked at the alarm and saw 6:30 AM.  They will leave a message.   Five minutes  later, the phone rings again… UGH.   Ten minutes pass; I get up to answer the phone, but they already had hung up.  Check the Caller  ID: Kaiser’s Supermarket.   Was my alarm set right… I did nothink I had to be in until 10.   So I call back (since all three times it was the same caller).   Can you come in at  8  instead of 10?   Our bookkeeper had a daughter who was going into labor so they were a bit short handed.  I suppose, I said rather groggily.  At least my first two hours there were rather uneventful… only the two hour delay of our truck that put a damper on the whole day.  Not only were we minus one person, our stock was two hour behind schedule (which seems to happen occasionally… especially when you have new driver who has never heard of our small metropolis and even have gotten it mixed up with a town with the same name one state to the west…. which is not a fur piece away… think I have been thar once).   So… other than that, the first part of my day was fine (I did get in two hours more than I had anticipated, good thing would have been better if I had not gone to bed so late last night).

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