Turkey Loaf, Turkey A La King, Turkey Hash, Turkey Pastrami


This morning after I was so rudely interrupted, I turned on our local radio station where one of my fellow Little Women cast members delivers the news. One of the featured topics of the day was “The worst movies ever made.” I know the film that at least one of my readers finds to fit that bill… and I am pleased to say that I have yet to watch The Night Listener with Robin Williams. I have mentioned from time to time Norbit and Howard the Duck. However, there has to be some other good stinkers out there. Here are a few:

  • Leonard Part 6 (starring Bill Cosby during the waning years of The Cosby Show… did not make me ask what happened to the other five previous films))
  • Ghost Dad (also featuring Mr. Cosby which goes to show that bankability in one form of entertainment does not guarantee success in other forms)
  • Rocky V ( and about 2/3 of the movies Mr. Stallone has graced us with… thank goodness the series came back and went out on a better note with Rocky Balboa)
  • Jaws the Revenge (Bruce the Shark looked even more fake)
  • Star Trek V: The Final Frontier (sorry Mr. Shatner, your directorial debut was not your finest hour

I am sure there are several other (un)worthy films to include on this list. Please feel free to join in the fun and making us all relive some of the low moments in theatrical movie history.

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4 thoughts on “Turkey Loaf, Turkey A La King, Turkey Hash, Turkey Pastrami”

  1. Here is my list I was saving on my computer for just such an occasion:
    The Worst Movies I’ve Seen (in no particular order) Are:
    The Devil’s Rejects
    The Night Listener
    The Love Guru

  2. Ok I will be commenting more on this in the future, but here are some of my all time stinkers.

    Nightfall (1988)
    Never Ending Story II and III if there are any others them too. The first story was a classic.
    The Hulk (2003)
    Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (with the BeeJees)
    Lost In Space (1998)

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