Help Me Find…


A while ago, I came across an extremely cool website – it was an alphabetical list of animals and which zoos in the world had the species on display.  My computer since crashed, launching my previous list of bookmarked sites into a cyberspace void.  I’ve been trying to find this site again lately, but to no avail.  I know some fellow tangenteers are good at doing research and also like a good challenging hunt.  The prize?  Getting to use the list to locate the zoo of any animal species you wish 😉

Oh yeah – and you win my thank you.

3 thoughts on “Help Me Find…”

  1. Thanks for looking anyway… it’s encouraging that it’s a site I once had a hold of rather than one just imagined.

  2. On a cursory search I found lists of animals and lists of zoos, but not lists of animals and zoos. Maybe I’ll find it on a bigger search. Any other clues you can think of about the site that could be useful as search keywords?

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