Back To Baskerville


Ok… let’s go back to the show I have been cast in.  Just to remind everyone where I am.  I have probably 95% of my lines memorized for The Hound of the Baskervilles BUT (as most who know me well know) line memorization is no where near enough for me.  Acting is much more reaction to what is happening around you.  As the caretaker of Baskerville Hall, it is Barrymore’s responsibility to ensure that the riff-raff does not overtake the home which he has so lovingly overlooked for generations.

Tonight, we ran Act I two times.  I was given a line which may or may not become mine.  Poor Eliza has only one line the entire act, so I was asked to read it since it could very well be Barrymore’s line as well. We’ll see if Mrs. Barrymore would like to retain her line.

After my first moments onstage, Stapleton complimented me on my facial and physical characterization. “You have the butler role down very well.”

I also have a very important bit prior to the finale of Act I.  I seriously doubt that the bit I have done since the beginning will be the finished product. (Blooper reel of the DVD?)  It leaves the director shaking her head every rehearsal.  “You are such a DORK!”  I like to think of myself as eccentric.  “Dork” is such a demeaning term.

8 thoughts on “Back To Baskerville”

  1. Sorry, you’ll have to come up with another word for you. Eccentric is usually reserved for the rich. When you win the lottery, you can be eccentric. Me, I’m weird..

  2. I don’t think dork is a demeaning term; of course it depends how it is said I suppose. Knowing the person who said it, I’m sure it was not meant to be demeaning.
    A new word for you… theaddict (theater addict) maybe? 😉

  3. Glad you laughed about it. Let’s see vanity plate… t-h-t-r-a-d-c-t… nope, that’s 8 letters. S-t-g-a-d-c-t maybe? You’d have people guessing with that one.

  4. Hey if someone can have “M-A-C-A-D-C-T”…. or “L-O-C-U-T-U-S.” Yeah… being able to relax and laugh (some of the time) is part of what keeps me going back… can I help it if I’m the cause of some of the laughter?

  5. Somehow I can’t picture you as a butler, not with the big smile I always see on your face. But then, I really haven’t seen all that much of you what with living two states away…

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