Change happens, get used to it.


Change is inevitable in life. If we want it or not, change will occur. It is our job in this life to adapt to that change. Those who have trouble adapting to change, seem to have more problems.

I’ve written multiple times on life’s changes. I’ve written about changes in my life. Daughters moving out, getting married, finishing or starting school. Those are changes.

I’ve written about the changing seasons and how that affects life in general.

I’ve even written about changing flat tires

I’ve come to realize, just recently in fact, that as much as I’ve written about things changing, at times I was actually fighting to keep things the same. I wanted that sense of stability. That comfort of a routine. Things were changing, but I was getting set in my ways.

Changes are constant. Maybe it is time to flow with them, and not fight them as much. But I can be stubborn. I think that like some mules, it may take a few kicks in the side to get me out of my comfortable routine.

7 thoughts on “Change happens, get used to it.”

  1. I am not a big fan of change either, but I’ve become much more adaptable over the years. I may be reluctant to accept change, but I can adapt, especially if I’m given enough time to do so. Adapting to change is not always my first choice, but many times it’s a necessity.
    After the kicking, hope your side isn’t too sore! 😉

  2. Due to the experiences in my life (some good & some very bad) I have learned to deal with the miserable; and enjoy the happiness when it does finally arrive. I think in my case it is especially important to enjoy the happiness because it never lasts. Not certain why this is. I do believe that what is up will be down, what is right will be wrong, what is nice will become nasty, and etc, etc. Maybe life in general is a constant circle. If I was to anaylize and apply this to every aspect of life then this would explain many things. It would also help me deal with what the future has in store for me. Take care everyone 🙂

  3. Maybe it’s the Taurus in me but, I HATE change…I kick and scream or piss and moan all the way. I’m trying to “change” that about myself with all the up coming changes that are happening in my life right now I have to. I know that change is a part of life and I suppose with everything I’ve been through in my life I should be used to it but, I just don’t think anyone get’s used to change.
    A line in one of my favorite songs is “The only thing that stays the same is change.” What more can you say?

  4. I had to laugh when I saw this post. Not at you, but because of Jekyll & Hyde. Jekyll sings “The only thing constant is change” (2x) in one of the songs.

    Now that I write this, I am reminded of the morning before I went in to see the directors of the show after I responded to their request for more men. In church that morning one of the people up front used the phrase “This is the moment, this is the day” and a minute later used the word “transformation.” My mind wasn’t on church for the next several minutes… 😮

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