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Yesterday after putting my time in at my day job, I headed over to the Huber for set construction.  I finally got a glimpse of the old theatre full of flats, scraps, set decor, etc.  It was like walking into an attic which I enjoy doing looking at the treasure trove of the past.  We took a bunch of flats and furniture over to construct Holmes’ abode  at 221B Baker Street as well as Baskerville Hall.

When it comes to set building, I fall into one of two categories… those who can… do.  Those who can’t… stand aside.  The paint brushes were snatched up before I got a chance to put my paining to use.

I was useful in my new role of facilitaTORE (emphasis on the TORE!).  I am perfectly willing to do my part even if it means playing fetch, holding a ladder, or whatever seemingly minor job needs tending to.  I even got to tape some of the seems in the walls before the paint was applied.  I know where my real talent lies I just am taken aback that some have more than one theatrical talent.

But after nearly 10 hours of work, the set is (according to reliable sources) about 90% complete.  I must say that working with friends to get the job done definitely helped.  Laughing, pizza, laughing, and a lot of work goes somewhat more smoothly when you have friends with you and even some who actually know what they are doing… or do a good job acting like they do.

To see the finished product (which I feel will only help make those on stage look better), reserve your tickets now to see the immortal Sherlock Holmes mystery, The Hound of the Baskervilles, October 15-17.

6 thoughts on “A New Title”

  1. Ooh, sets done! That means that you all have no excuses to not come to Chicago for some awesome fun, food, and haunted housing… but wait, I’ve got to stop wasting my breath, er, typing fingers… there is always some reason, isn’t there… 🙂
    Maybe next year.
    Glad your set is past the worry point.

  2. Of course there is always a reason for me. And I was just whined to about all the time I take off which is always discussed MONTHS in advance and never whined about in the past. Apparently, everyone decided to ask for the same weekend off which I happened to ask for back in July. Anyone need a good manny? 😉

    Plus the threatened weekend rehearsal still looms.

  3. Uh, oh, which weekend is that? Not your show weekend, is it? As the kids get older, we are losing our need for a good manny quite as often, however, when we do need one, said manny is always busy… 😉

  4. It IS that weekend; however, I have made it quite clear that I would not be working said weekend. Saturday, esp… it would not be fun to work and then do a double show. Is it January yet?

  5. I thought you were doing your haunted housing in OH this year? In any event, it probably conflicts with my own performance schedule.

    I’m glad to hear your set experience is much improved over ours. That is, we only got into the theatre five days before opening night and as such it was still being worked on even Sunday! I hope it’s finally finished. 😮

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