Well, I just went to check my countdown timer on my blog site; it should say there are mere hours left until the Chicago Cubs open their 2010 season…  but I can’t find the countdown timer on my site.  And I can’t find it in the widgets section either.  Since I have two kids fighting and one crawling around on the dining room table, I think it will be quicker to just write a little post about the opening day of baseball – I don’t include last night since the Cubs didn’t play 🙂 – rather than try to fiddle around with the countdown widget.

So YAY!!  Baseball season is finally here, and the Cubs open against the Braves today at 3:10pm Chicago time – I have made arrangements to shirk my responsibilities of making dinner, and hopefully the kids will be good for the first hour of the game until my husband comes home from work.  I don’t expect to watch all of the games or even most of them, but I figured I deserved a bit of a break for opening day – hey, it’s been a LONG winter without baseball, as always!!


(oh yeah, and GO Indians – just because they are an Ohio team who just happen to play the White Sux Sox today!!)

5 thoughts on “OPENING DAY IS HERE!!!”

  1. The countdown plugin is gone. I wanted to to add something to my timer as well and couldn’t find it. Then I went to the plugins section where awaited a message at the top saying countdown.plugin (or whatever the name) had been disabled because it couldn’t be found, or something like that.

    Alright, what did you do with it Justin? Put it back! Er, please… 😮

  2. Well, my countdown timer is of no use to me after today anyway… but I feel your pain, derek.
    Hey, how did you find my post, anyway? I’ve been sitting here for the last 20 minutes trying to figure out why it says ‘published’ but is not on the home page?

  3. Oh, there it is… must be on an hour delay? I don’t know, I’m just glad it’s there since I lost the timer! Go Cubs!!

  4. I’ll have to check my timer… still one event left.. it was there last night! Hope the Cubbies get off to a better start then my team. 9-7 Boston. But they lost the first game of the season last year, too 😉

  5. Finally opening day. I was able to listen to part of the Detroit game while drive home from FT Wayne. Didn’t hear the end, I need to check scores.

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