April Fool’s!


As many of you may have found out the hard way, today is April Fool’s Day.  Thankfully, I was the victim of only two pranks, and one I kind of figured out…  But the other one came out of left field and went something like this: my 9-year-old daughter comes up to me and says, “Mom, Christopher (her 8-month-old brother) is bleeding!”  She said it nonchalantly, but come on, something like that would just strike an instinctual panic button in any parent!  So I dropped what I was doing and ran into the living room, and she let me off the hook – April Fool’s!

Obviously this type of prank is not cool, and my daughter and I had a little chat about the inappropriateness of jokes involving injury  (I did tell her it was a good one though, since she didn’t know anything about prank etiquette when she thought of it).

But for future reference, I don’t make a very good prank victim anyway.  I tend to be gullible in the first place, so I’m easy to get.  And when I’m not being gullible, I’m cynical, so I might be paranoid I’m getting “got” or at least lied to.  And most importantly, if you do get me, depending on the severity of the prank, I might get mad at you – I guess I don’t like to be fooled…   So consider this your warning, and catch me on April Fool’s Day next year – at your own risk!

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  1. My April Fool’s day came and went without any hubbub. Mostly because I slept all day. Which is fine with me!

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