This really won’t work…


For a while, my laptop’s screen started working again. I took it in to have it checked out, and they cleaned some contacts in hope that it would solve the problem. It did for a while. Buy now, it stopped working again. I guess I need to fork over some cash now to get a new backlight.

Right now I have it hooked up to my TV, but I have to sit too close so I can see the writing. Just not a comfortable way to do this unless I move the couch to within 2 feet of the TV, or set the screen resolution to a bigger size, so I can see the print from across the room. Oh well, I hope to back up the drive tonight and take the machine in tomorrow.

I also finally hooked up a wireless keyboard to the machine. This actually works very well. I’ve had the keyboard/mouse for a long time, I just never bothered to hook it up. I was hoping to be able to sit across the room looking at the TV screen.

I just set the screen to a different resolution, and can almost make out the print from across the room. I could definitely play computer games this way. I just don’t play that many computer games.

Maybe I could use this to watch baseball soon. If my connection speed is still good, I may have to sign up for the MLB package.

6 thoughts on “This really won’t work…”

  1. Ahhh, the MLB package… wonder if that’s in the budget this year… pry not since I don’t get much opportunity to use it.
    And just make sure that when you sit on your couch to use your computer that you sit in a way that doesn’t further the aggravation to your back 🙂

  2. MLB package… who has the time. I’ll just need to catch games on our NY channel when time permits and they are carried 😉 Good luck with the computer aggravation!

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