Finally cleaned up another problem.


I’ve been complaining that my laptop is broken for some time now, but I never used that opportunity to fix my Power Box. I’ve had stuff to do on it for a couple of years now, but it just wouldn’t boot up properly after I installed a new hard drive. I thought I knew what the problem was, but I never undertook the job of actually looking at it. So today I did.

Yes, the problem was exactly what I thought it was. It was trying to boot from the old disk drive. Unfortunately, this drive no longer had any operating system on it. It was still formated as a bootable drive, but there was nothing to boot to. Quick spin through the bios, and that drive is no longer on the boot list. YEAH.

Now I just have to find all of the stuff I needed to do and finish it up. Yes, there may be a Godspell video in there somewhere. I guess I’ll have to stop blogging after my software updates from more than 1 year of inactivity.

More work for me. I’m glad I took a break from theater for a while… 😉

5 thoughts on “Finally cleaned up another problem.”

  1. Now my hopes are up again about the Godspell video… even if it’s just a snippet – I will pay big money for anything I can get!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Well, I am installing almost a year’s worth of Windows updates. I haven’t been on that machine since the last wedding!

  3. Smells like another possible viewing party? Especially for those of us who missed out on the live version. Fingers crossed!

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