Would Ya, Could Ya, Ain’t Ya Gonna, If I Asked Ya, Would Ya Wanna


Funny thing about living in a small town for the better part of 36 years, you have many memories that really do take you back.  Last night, a customer who used to work at the store when it was known as Shaffer Value was in and I had to recite her full name (which is six in length… K.J.E.S.H.P) that she made it a point to teach me when we worked along with the Master Meat Lady in the back.  I recall that it was during this time when I was introduced to a great amount of country music (it beat the musak that played through the store.  One song in particular comes to mind: John Michael Montgomery’s “Be My Baby Tonight.”  Is that the title or is it the tongue twisting refrain of:

Would ya, could ya, ain’t ya gonna, if I asked ya, would ya wanna be my baby tonight?

I still can’t remember how long it took me to get that lyric down.  Forget the rest of the song.  I would be quizzed every time I went to work.  I think my fumbled lyrics were even more memorable than the real thing.

  Sorry I could not find an official video.  Everything else was karaoke versions.

8 thoughts on “Would Ya, Could Ya, Ain’t Ya Gonna, If I Asked Ya, Would Ya Wanna”

  1. For what it’s worth, I knew to which song you were referring just by reading your blog title 🙂 Apparently JMM is fond of the fast moving, tongue twisting lyrics. Have you heard “Grundy County Auction”? That one’s fun to sing. I also really like his “Life’s a Dance” – Life’s a dance, you learn as you go, sometimes you lead, sometimes you follow…
    What ever happened to JMM? He’s not around as much anymore…
    Then there is his bro who is in the country group Montgomery Gentry… We need more of those old-schoolers in country music these days instead of these crossover wannabes.

  2. YEAH! I know “Life’s A Dance.” Not familiar with the other one. Good question… he did seem to fall off the country music canvas. See, I’m not totally adverse to country music 😉

  3. Thank you, Jaime! Can’t say I’m a fan of either Lady Gaga or Akon but WOW! Music is indescribable no matter your taste. Like the name 🙂

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