Some Added Spring In His Step


Sometime ago, I blogged about the famous and infamous celebrities who have gone through the seemingly revolving casting door of the musical Chicago.  Well, you can add one more: sleaze television king Jerry Springer.  This month, the lawyer-turned Cincinnati mayor-turned talk show host-turned Dancing with the Stars (yes?) contestant wrapped his six week stint on the London West End as ethically elastic lawyer Billy Flynn.  I suppose the acting would not be a far stretch from his days as a real lawyer and questionable politician.  He is well known for his flamboyant, quick talking, flim flam personality.  However, singing?  Never had the pleasure of hearing him so I can’t judge (let me see if he has made the you tube rounds).  Here he is performing “All I Care About” at a performance of selected songs at a Leicester Square park.  You just have to forward past the opening “All That Jazz.” Personally, I would rather watch the first number but that is not what this post is about.

Well at least he and David Hasselhoff have something else in common.  Jer-eee was the host of America’s Got Talent and the Hoff is one of the judges.  And as some will recall, the Burger King aficianado played the roles of Jekyll and Hyde on Broadway.  Wonder if ol’ Dave is going to put on the tux.  Springer says that he is going to be joining the Broadway cast until he returns to the Windy City for the talk show.  However, the producers of the New York show have no knowledge of this.

4 thoughts on “Some Added Spring In His Step”

  1. That actually was not nearly as horrible as I thought it would be. Springer is a little bit old – you can tell with his jerky dance moves. But the singing wasn’t all that bad compared to what I was expecting.
    He is the host of Dancing With the Stars, is he a contestant also? And you failed (maybe not) to mention the fact that this brainiac used a check to pay for a prostitutes services while on city council in Cincinnatti! So then, he uses this to campaign for his council seat back because “he’s not afraid of the truth, even if it hurts.” This leads to him becoming mayor, and then the sleazy talk show….
    And now you know more than you ever wanted to about Jerry Springer!

  2. yes… not as horrid as I was expecting (still would rather watch the first song) but he was a contestant on Dancing with the Stars and was the host of America’s Got Talent for a few seasons (how I know this when I fail to watch both shows is beyond me). I kind of glossed over his sterling political career. I had a feeling it would lead to a comment.

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