Or maybe I am…


Earlier this evening I was saying that I’m not much of a geek. Shortly after I wrote that post, I had 5 computers running in the house, and I was using all of them. Timeshare to be sure, but I was popping from one machine to the next just relaxing…

Yes, I did say relaxing. I was into my 4th or 5th setup of Puppy Linux, trying to get it to recognize and use one of my wireless adapters. No go so far, even when two of the adapters are readily recognized by my other versions of Linux. It looks like it recognizes it, but for some reason it will not log on to the network. I guess I have more studying to do.

I had my other Linux box working updating some software to try out for video editing. If it works out on the current box, Linux may replace Windows on my main box. I like the software so far, but I want to make sure it does everything my current programs do.

I was doing some picture and video filing on my main box and that was just computer time intensive. I was just there to press the OK button.

The 4th computer was my main laptop. It was busy moving files to and from the 5th and final computer. I was also busy touring the internet while all this was going on. I switched back and forth between my laptop and my Working wireless Linux box. Depending on which one had the most/least processing going on.

I think I was able to turn off the text messaging on my cell phone. I’m fairly certain it got my daughters’ phones too. Oh well, it was pay by the message, so I won’t miss it, I hope they don’t. If they do, they can get their own phones. They aren’t the ones paying for it, so I get to choose. [evil grin]

6 thoughts on “Or maybe I am…”

  1. Anything called Puppy Linux has to be something very scary….evil, even. 😉

    I have one computer at home that got so bound up with viruses and what not, I unplugged it and threw it in the extra bedroom never to be seen again.

    Bah, Humbug.


  2. Hey John,

    I don’t have a blog, at least one that is public and worth reading.

    Now about the texting, I don’t text either. My cell phone was my late husbands, so it’s at least 6 years old. I don’t know how to set up the voice mail either. It’s a old prepaid phone, and does what I need it to do.


  3. Puppy Linux is an awesome distro but for security reasons it does not auto connect either wired or wireless. This done with the connection wizard. It is a bit of a multi-step setup but is easy to do. And there is good documentation on the site. I have never seen a small distro that works with some many adapters. A five minute read on the website will have you up and running.

  4. Terry I tried that, but Puppy doesn’t seem to like any of my wireless cards. I can connect just fine with the wired connection. I’m running Ubuntu on another box, and it recognizes 2 of my cards, but not the wireless adapter in the machine.

    It is something I have to work on. I may try using the Windows driver. But then I have to find the correct driver for the cards I have. Live and learn, it has been fun

  5. Now I wonder why I didn’t comment on this post a year ago when everyone else did… I don’t remember it; I guess I must have missed it – found it now thru your trackback 🙂

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