Shocking Lamp In A Shout Out


Before turning in for the night, I like to periodically check the guide to see who is going to be on the late night gab fests.  Sometimes, they pique my interest (Jack Hanna on Letterman in which case I have to pass the word to tangent’s own animal lover, taylhis).  Last night, Jay Leno had the curiosity named Lisa Lampanelli.  I was introduced to this overtly shocking comedienne while on our trek to NYC and all I can say is WOW!  She stepped out and fondled band leader, Kevin Eubanks and was quick to make a heated quip about first guest, Vin Diesel (“tall hairless man, don’t know whether to nurse you or spank you”).  However, she kept to her goal of making it through her set without being bleeped, but came awfully close.

Before the guest came out, Jay’s “Headline” segment always is worth a view on Monday night.  One of the pieces was a playbill from a high school production of Kiss Me Kate. One of the things I like about some playbills is the shoutout/pat on the back spaces friends and relatives buy to give encouragement to the performers on stage (something that has been mentioned in our community theatre but…).  In any case, the playbill presented last night included the rather encouraging line:

Don’t bother coming home because you suck.

Love, Mom and Dad

OUCH… even if it was meant as a joke what a message to send a young person.  No wonder the country’s youth has self-esteem issues.

5 thoughts on “Shocking Lamp In A Shout Out”

  1. Ok, I need to clear something up… It’s not that we’re fans of Lisa Lampanelli – she just found her way onto our comedy CD when my husband was collecting some standup for our road trips. I don’t really find her that funny. I was curious about what she looked like though, so I looked her up when we got home, and she doesn’t look at all like I had pictured. And that is a terrible message to put in a playbill. I’m sure it was a joke though, and the kid probably redeemed his cool when it was featured on Leno. I’m gonna miss Leno..
    And yes, if you hear of Jack on Letterman, let me know! I never watch those anymore, so I’d never know, and they’ve stopped putting those appearances on his website for some reason… He’s usually on GMA the morning after Letterman so he only has to bring all those animals to NY once – but Letterman is by far the funnier appearance and always worth seeing.

  2. No need to clear anything up. I know you are not a fan (and I am not either). I wanted to match the voice to a face as well. I’ll miss ol’ Jay, too. Still haven’t followed the prime time details closely.

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