Crazy things


Well, us moving is up in the air. Tony, I think, has decided that we won’t be able to get a loan, but I won’t give up. I know that something will work out, I have to believe that. I can’t give up before we have even started. Amie and I are planning on looking at houses if we have a day off together. Maybe it will be a waste of time, maybe we won’t be able to get a loan, but I don’t want to give up before we even start! I love Tony, and I know that he can be pessimistic, but that is who he is and I wouldn’t change him for the world. I will just have to keep up being the one who has the faith, keep him from going doubting too much.

I know that Tony will be reading this eventually, and I just want him to know, I really believe we can get a loan somewhere! We just have to keep trying. We are already outgrowing this house and we really need that $8000 tax credit next year. So, keep praying for us. Thanks.

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  1. I admire your faith that something will work out for your family. God has a plan for you, and as difficult as it may be, you have to have faith in His plan – even if it’s not something you want at the moment. Growing pains in early adulthood and when your family is young makes for a stronger, happier family later!!
    Hang in there – praying for you.

  2. I’ve got the name of somebody really good at NOIC out here; let me know if you want her info. And as to him being pessimistic, and you being hopeful? It just shows you have a balanced relationship. Bill is intrinsically laid back, and I am so tightly wound up we’ve had to replace my springs. So, when it’s not that important, he calms me down. When it is that important, I prod him forward. You give Tony hope, and he keeps you grounded. It works out in the end.

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