So Much For Sleeping In…


Saturday morning, I had planned to sleep in a few hours especially following the late night (SO NOT COMPLAINING… others had it much worse) that is until Mother Nature had other plans.  So, I was up by 8AM and decided to make a small dent in my new book.  Later, I got a phone call asking if I would like to continue my birthday celebration at a site yet to be determined (either a Mud Hens game or a drive-in movie later).  Anything was great with me.  So, ah hour or so later, we decided on a return to the Toledo Zoo.

I have to say that my favorite animal this trip was the baby gibbon… well six month old “Quon.”  The little one was so adorable.  One minute he(?) was clutching onto his parent being carried around the exhibit on the ropes, etc.  then, he would attempt to grab onto a rope solo.  I loved watching Quon climb the fence with his little arms reaching.. adorable.

I also enjoyed the tigers.  To beat the heat, the kitties got into their pool of water and at times took turns and other times shared the relief.  The sloth bears were also out.  As expected, the social one came right up and sniffed.  I held out my Supes cap and sure enough was drawn to it… he must be a fan (but something tells me otherwise, but my post so I’m sticking to it).  TANGENT:  I must have left my cap somewhere along the way.

After the zoo, we went to Ruby Tuesdays for dinner and a point was made to announce that we were celebrating 2 birthdays… 35 years and one day apart!  Nothing exciting happened… no kazoo playing, cabaret singing, nor being led around the restaurant while wearing a sombrero (NOW THAT would be fun!).  But the big guy and I did get a dish of ice cream.

On the return trip, I got tracked down and informed that I was to be at work the next morning an hour early!  What a way to spoil a great day 🙁  So, after having some fun in B-town, and going to Sonic with the girls, I did manage to make it home by 10.  Everyone was tired and had to get up the next morning.  Once again, a funtastic day!

2 thoughts on “So Much For Sleeping In…”

  1. Good news – your hat made it back from the zoo, I’ve seen it in the house. Not sure what has happened to it since then, but I’m sure I can track it down before we see you next.
    I know it’s your post, but I still have to say that I think that sloth bear just likes the smell of human sweat 😉

  2. Yes, yes go ahead, rub it in 😀 I remember Sammie recovering the hat as we were going into RTs but set it back on the car seat, so it obviously made it back. I’m sure you will track it down before I’m back.

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