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A comment on Taylhis’ blog gave me inspiration for post fodder.  My first time riding a coaster took place when I was 10.  My family spent a day at Cedar Point with my uncle, aunt, and two cousins.  I liked riding rides and had been on several smaller coasters.  I remember the Beastie at Kings Island (still there, Lis?).  I took my cousin Stacy to ride the Jr. Gemini.  However this year, I was too TALL to ride the smaller version.  Seeing this, my Uncle Bob challenged me to ride the REAL thing with him.  Why not?  The line for the double train, much like The Racer, was not long so I did not have to wait a great deal.  I still remember having my eyes shut tight after we made the turn and approached the first hill.  From what I understand, I also held onto my co-riders hand and squeezed it a little bit too hard.  But what a rush!  Red and blue racers going up and down hills and then the split at the end when the cars tilt to the side and finally return home.  There may be bigger, faster, longer coasters  (you can see the Magnum XL 200 which is 20 years old this summer… NO WAY! dwarfing the classic) but the good old Gemini is still one of my favorites.  That day in 1983, I discovered that I was growing up because I was no longer small enough to go on any of the kiddie rides.  No more Kid Arthur’s Court for me.  But I can ALWAYS ride the Cedar Downs racing horses.

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  1. Can’t say what my first coaster experience was, but it had to be at Great America (sorry, I don’t call it “Six Flags” even though they own it. It was once owned by Marriott, but it was Marriott’s Great America then, and is still Great America though with a new name in front). It was probably the Whizzer (Willard’s Whizzer at the time). A tame coaster, but I was under 10 at the time. In fact, my family started going there when I was 6, the first year they opened and it became a yearly thing for me for a while.

  2. I usually try to do the Point once a summer…. until recently. But if I was not eagerly anticipating a trip to the other BIG Ohio park. But who knows now that the summer is a bit freer than the last several.

  3. We went there a lot too; especially when we lived close enough to have season’s passes. And I still call it Great America too, force of habit, I guess.

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