Thanksgiving Favorites


I forgot to poll our Thanksgiving guests, but I was wondering about everyone’s favorite Thanksgiving dish.  Judging by what the kids had for breakfast this morning, I would say my kids’ favorite Thanksgiving dishes are as follows:

Taylor, age 9 – sweet potatoes (we put marshmallow creme in ours)

Sammie, age 5 – mashed potatoes and gravy

Disney, age 3 – oatmeal (ok, so oatmeal wasn’t at the Thanksgiving dinner, but Disney didn’t really eat Thanksgiving dinner, so I don’t think she has a favorite dish.  She LOVES oatmeal though!)

Christopher, age 16 mos. – turkey

And for lunch, Mom and Dad had their first delicious leftover sandwiches.  They were so good we think we’ll have the same for dinner.  We got a smoked turkey this year, and it was delicious!  It was great to not have to mess with cooking a turkey with great company and all these little ones underfoot.  There are so many ways to make a leftover sandwich; the best way is of course with creamed onions.  We didn’t have any creamed onions leftover this year, but my husband’s yummy mashed potatoes make a really good leftover sandwich condiment.  And not having leftover creamed onions is a good thing – I’m glad people enjoyed them!  Creamed onions are my favorite Thanksgiving dish AND my husband’s!  So what’s yours?  Feel free to add anything in the comments section I may have forgotten!

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8 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Favorites”

  1. you forgot… desert! Everything was delicious… you can never get too much Thanksgiving. Smoked turkey… never before have we don ethat. Yummy!

  2. oops – I KNEW I was forgetting something! Adding it now…
    I was too full for dessert yesterday, so I forgot to put it in my poll – OOPS! 😉

  3. Pumpkin Pie or Pecan Pie. Usually only get those at the holidays. My favorite Thanksgiving meal was all the times we had something other than the usual turkey dinner. Chinese was good.

  4. well… any dessert (oops… my bad) will do. I usuually endulge in more than the traditional so “dessert” covers them all.

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