Happy Post Halloween


Unless of course you are reading from some part of the world which is still living in October 31st.  My holiday was EXCELLENT even with the working part.  Friday, I got into my vampire costume complete with double-layered cape, full facial makeup, tuxedo, the whole nine yards.  I even got to frighten my young nieces.  Poor Sydney may not speak to me for a while.  As always, I had an awesome time with friends playing games all pretty loud and late, but great times!!!!

Today was another long Saturday at the store.  Unfortunately, no costumes allowed… What crazy place is this?! However, I was allowed to sit on the ledge infront of the store to hand out candy…. as long as I did not go overboard.  Hopefully, a bag of Starburst, Baby Ruth, and an assortment of kisses, Rolo, and Reese’s PBCs was not too much.  I did get to see the nieces and nephews in their get ups.  Shelby was a sorceress of some kind; Joshua was the ULTIMATE NERD; Elizabeth was a dark ninja; Alex was a police officer; Alyssa was a 50s chick complete with poodle skirt and a “leather” jacket I seem to recall from a show or two in years past; Noah was a skeleton; little Sydney was a cowgirl.  All adorable.. here is 5 of the seven.

16036_707751623120_20920962_40450960_3427636_nUnfortunately, the 50s chick is not wearing the black jacket.  Hope everyone had a spooktacular Halloween.  And The YANKS are up 2 games to 1.  2 more wins and they will win their 27th WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP! My favorite part of Game three: pitcher Andy Pettite had a hit, RBI, and was nearly passed by Derek Jeter as the two made their way home!  Final Score: Yankees 8… Phillies 5.

Now… I can enjoy my extra hour of sleep.  Don’t forget to fall back!

11155_316946110152_507100152_9691179_4674453_nNot to be outdone here are little Chloe and big sister Kyli all the way rom Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Happy Post Halloween”

  1. ADORABLE!!! Thanks for sharing! Glad you had a good day. No costumes at work, what is that? I still remember the year I was a receptionist, and I dressed as a clown. My boss just happened to need something from Best Buy that day, so I was forced to go as a clown… I normally wouldn’t mind so much, but it was for work so I felt kind of weird…
    Happy post Halloween!

  2. I remember the last Halloween I was at “your friendly Bryan…” well, you know. I dressed as Clark Kent with the Superman shirt underneath. As luck would have it, I went in and did not have to work that night.

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