A Character Of Pure Evil


Tonight, the cast of It’s a Wonderful Life met to have a mass read-through of the script.  I must say that I did not know that there were so many characters of such evil intentions in the literature surrounding what is traditionally known as the “most wonderful time of the year.”  First, we have Ebenezer Scrooge (I really want to see the new version coming next weekend).  Years later, the Grich very nearly stole Christmas from “every Who down in Whoville.”  Now, I have been introduced to a character who has so many unredeemable qualities that he puts both of them to shame.   Henry F. Potter is going to be a magnificent role to portray.  I have been an evil HENCHMAN before; however, I have never before been THE evil character with his own entourage.  Just reading the script, I could tell how delicious this will be.

I will once again be on the glorious Huber stage with a large cast both young and older and some of which I have been fortunate to work with before.  Another WCCTer will be making his debut on the stage.  He was even taking pictures of the bare stage and marveling at the size.  People have asked me where I prefer to perform: anywhere they will have me.  How’s that for a diplomatic answer?

I did manage to get home by the third inning of Game  2.  I had to call my pals and relate my excitement!  Sorry I interrupted The Office. I could not believe that they were actually able to watch as it was broadcast.  And I am extra excited because the series is now tied 1-1 and tomorrow is a travel day to the City of Brotherly Love.  Four Games to go!!!

4 thoughts on “A Character Of Pure Evil”

  1. Don’t forget his driving force. Love of money is the root of all evil…. And this is what drives Potter. He loves money and power and will do anything to get them.

  2. Sounds great! Don’t worry about interrupting The Office – and thanks for understand when C called you back during the commercial.
    It is very rare that the kids settle down early enough for us to watch it because it’s really hard for us to wait for it! And Thursday’s episode, as usual, would have been worth waiting for, but still!!!

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