Bon Voyage, Boo Boo


After a fun weekend, I just found out that one of my very good friends is leaving to make a new home for herself Down Under.  It has been some time since I have seen Britt but I do think about her often.  We met when she was in junior high and sat from time to time with my cousin.  In high school, she worked at the grocery store and I came home on the weekend from school to work and we often were scheduled the same shift.  “Boo Boo” spent her senior year in Australia as an exchange student something she wanted to do since she was in elementary school but took her that long to make her dream a reality… ironically, she was among the first to welcome in the millennium.  While she was gone for the year, we wrote back and forth and I got to hear about her cool experiences… kangaroo hunting, going to the beach in January, and all the rest.

She is also a relative.  My uncle and her mother married several years ago.  Last summer, Britt returned to Australia and Lu went along for the ride.  Shortly after her return (or even before), Boo Boo decided that she wanted to move there!  WOW!  Talk about shooting for the stars and going after your dream!  Some others could learn from that example.

She is also a very staunch supporter of your truly!  One who saw me as Rooster as well as some beyond.  Teaching and coaching at a school in a city school a hour or so away kind of makes it difficult to make it to a lot of shows when you are in as many as you can.

Godspeed my friend.  You will be missed!

4 thoughts on “Bon Voyage, Boo Boo”

  1. Ooh, down under, interesting! I would like to travel there someday – not move, but travel. Good luck to Britt on her move!

  2. Britt arrived safe and sound in Sydney following a 14 hour flight! She had an entire row of seats to herself. Sounds like a return flight I had from Hawaii one Christmas night/December 26 AM. I’m sure she did not have a co-passenger with a horrible ear infection 😉

    Maybe someone should hook her up as a tangenteer? Would it not be fun to read about her new life Down Under?!

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