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Last evening I was feeling a bit of insomnia invading my room, so I decided to try to finish a book that I blogged about some time ago.

Step one accomplished, I did finish around 3:00am. My view of the work itself changed very little. I can’t honestly say that it was a sleep problem cure, but it never captured my interest. So here you have it folks, my final thoughts on Timothy Frost’s “Final Passage”.

So in my humble opinion:

The book had enough plots and subplots for multiple books. it was busy. Because of this, the character development actually suffered. I never really cared what happened to any of the characters. I found that I didn’t like or dislike any of the characters. I was ambivalent. If they got in trouble, I wasn’t driven to find out if they made it through. In fact at one crucial point in the story I was thinking, “Just shoot them all, it doesn’t matter.” Any other character could have stepped in to finish the story.

The initial plot, brought forth in the prologue, didn’t seem to have any importance at the end. Oh, I do understand how it could have been important if revealed earlier, but too much other ‘stuff’ happened, and I no longer cared about that either.

I guess I won’t give this book the “Insomniac Relief Award” now, I can’t say that I would recommend it either. In some ways I feel a bit saddened by this. The prologue of the book grabbed my attention. I waded through many chapters in the hope that the book would turn back to that beginning. When it finally got back there, I no longer cared.

5 thoughts on “Finishing what I started”

  1. I should add that even with the points I found to be a bit tedious, the story seemed to hold promise, but it kept losing its way.

  2. When you say “Insomniac Relief Award” – that would mean the book was so uninteresting that one COULD fall asleep after having trouble doing so without reading a boring book? Just to clarify 😉
    Definitely not one I’m going to try; I’ve got a list of books I want to read that’s a mile long, and soon when I finish the Potter series, I finally get to choose something off my list to read next!

  3. Taylhis, yes the award goes to the best book to sleep by. Currently the award goes to a college chemistry book from college.

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