A Person Is A Person No Matter How Small

Another fun-filled weekend!  Friday,  I invited a trio of lovelies to take in Elizabeth’s elementary school’s production of Seussical, Jr.  It was a cute show and what A LOT of work!  THIRTY-FOUR songs and a group of 58 youngsters on stage the entire time.  I have no idea how much more is involved in the full-scale edition of the musical but I remember how daunting a task of a 21 song show was especially for the director.  For those of you who do not know, the musical combines the tales of Horton the Elephant who Heard a Who and Hatched the Egg.  Along with Horton, we were entertained by the Cat in the Hat, JoJo (the son of the Mayor of Whoville and his wife), Gertrude McFuzz, Mayzie LaBird, and other characters from the pages of Theodore Geisel.  I have found myself humming the signature piece from the show “Oh, the Thinks You Can Think” for the last few days.  Unfortunately, the youngest of my three companions did not make it through the entire 90 minute production.

Saturday night,  I was the leader at mass which went really well as celebrated the Second Week upon the journey to celebrating the Birth of Our Savior.

Following mass, I headed out to another fun-filled game night with an 80s flare.  I decided to wear my Indiana Jones t-shirt.  One of the other party-goers was REALLY creative and came as the White Cosby in slacks and colorful sweater.  He even brought a box of Jello Instant Chocolate Pudding (after his search for Jello Pudding Pops turned out to be fruitless).  While playing Life, we had The Goonies playing with no sound which somehow made it go quicker.  After Life, the 9 of us formed teams for a round of Trivial Pursuit 80s style while Christmas Vacation went on without sound.  About 1:30AM without a clear champion, the game broke up and I bid adieu since I had to be up in 5 1/2 hours for work.

A fun weekend filled with great friends!

5 thoughts on “A Person Is A Person No Matter How Small”

  1. Sounds like fun!!
    Thanks so much for taking the girls; it was great for them to get out of the house and for Beebs to have 2 parents to himself for once!!

  2. I saw that show once, done by youth theatre (the group I started with in fact after I broke into musical theatre), but I don’t remember it being the Jr. version. It was longer than 90 minutes, so it must have been the full show.

    What ever happened to Jello Pudding Pops? A quick Bing check and it looks like they made a return in 2004 (albeit made by a different company licensing the Jell-O name), but can they be found anywhere in late 2010? Hmm.

  3. Boy oh boy was I searching for Jello pudding pops a pregnancy (or maybe 2?) ago – they sounded SO GOOD! Never found them; got into fudge pops instead…
    But apparently I wasn’t the only one who thought they sounded good. Seems like something they should bring back to get people to buy for nostalgia reasons – you know, like how My Little Pony, Strawberry Shortcake, and all those 80s things are coming back now for us to remember and buy for OUR children. Bring back Pudding Pops!!

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