A Day In New York


Glad I could two events of the past month together.  Our final hours in the Big Apple were some of the most thought provoking and emotional.  It began after we decided to have breakfast delivered instead of doing the hotel restaurant again.  We made our way back across the river for another bus tour.  This time on a jump on and off trek.  Our hostess was a barrel of laughs and energy.  At one stop, a vendor jumped on offering refreshments.  The guide quipped that “this is not a movie theatre” in a decidedly Oriental accent.  After 9 stops, we arrived at our destination.

Ground zero itself created a very heavy feeling within me.  Seeing the empty skyline was nothing compared to actually being up close to the site surrounded by a fence behind which the memorial is being constructed complete with the 1776 foot tall Freedom Tower.  The 9/11 exhibit was also an emotional journey.  Artifacts on display recovered from the wreckage of the hi-jacked planes, the buildings, even a stuffed lamb that was buried and somehow survived intact (symbolism, anyone?).   Video tributes of the tragedies and heroes.  Downstairs, letters written by children of different culures were on display.  Many of these were so heartfelt that it was hard to keep a dry eye.

Following the tour of the exhibit, we had to once again make our way to the pier to get back to the hotel.  We thought we were in luck when were directed to the front of the Commerce Building where there was to be a dock where a ferry came and went.  Not so luckily, the dock is closed on Sunday.  SOOOO WE HAD TO FIND YET ANOTHER WATERWAY BUS to take us to the pier we were accustomed to.  That is a story best left for another time… I may just let taylhis relate that adventure.

Finally, we got back to the Jersey shore and went to dinner before departing.  On our way out of Jersey, we stopped for gas.  Chris got out, started pumping gas, and was immediately confronted by an attendant who began shouting at him.  Apparently, we had inadvertantly come across one of the few remaining full service pumps in existence.  But outbursts like “Papi” were heard.  I thought he was a fan of David Ortiz (wrong area to be one of those… YUCK).  By the time the gas was pumped, Chris was promoted (?) to “Boss.”  On the way out, it was discovered that we were unsure if the rattled attendant attached the fuel cap… sure enough after travelling a few blocks, we found out that it was not.

5 thoughts on “A Day In New York”

  1. I remember reading a few years ago that they were supposed to have an exhibit at ground zero highlighting the “evils” America has done and how sorry we are about being such people that would cause some other people to become terrorists and do what they did. I hope that didn’t actually happen.

  2. Must have missed that one… unless of course it was hidden under the guise of the Waterways bus depot 😀

  3. I forgot about the gas cap! Maybe that was his revenge for us messing up his “full service” service. And did you really forget to mention the gelato?!? Ah, the sweet gelato!
    And you probably heard, but it’s now One World Trade Center or something like that instead of Freedom Tower. I personally think it’s a mistake to build a skyscraper in that spot – if people are horrible enough to knock it down once, wouldn’t they love to do it again? But even worse would be putting in whatever derek was talking about.

  4. NO WAY!1! HOW DID I FORGET THE GELATOOOOOOO! I guess I left that for you knowing how much you love Dippin Dots and now have replaced it 😀

  5. YES! Anyone who knows me must realize how good that gelato was if I replace it with Dippin Dots as my favorite – and I have :0

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