Happy Anniversary to me…


Thanks to advance posting (thank you taylhis for making me look for this), I am able to wish myself a happy blogging anniversary and not have to worry about getting it done that day.

I wasn’t sure what I was planning on doing when I started this blog. I thought I would get a few more space/science related blogs than I have, but that is neither here nor there. I did assume that I would write about my theater experience. That I did. I also wrote about my family, friends, life experiences and even some book and movie reviews.

I am always interested in who reads my blog, but it seems that most visitors are either computers (loads of spam visits) or very shy lurkers. For the most part I average around 25-30 visitors a day. Less if I don’t write anything new, more if I do. Are people telling their friends that I wrote something? I don’t know. My guess is that it is just the computers finding new stuff. I also noticed I get more visitors when I post on other sites with my blog as part of my signature. I hope they enjoy what they find here.

My regulars, well I just think they are the some of the best people I know. But of course I still wish more people would reply. I’m in theater, I enjoy the notice. 😉

5 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me…”

  1. I love the advance posting feature, and I’m glad you like it too! It saves my readers (family and friends, like you, rarely do I get strangers) from reading a barrage of my stuff all at once since my posting time seems to come in spurts. Happy anniversary!

  2. Diane,

    Welcome!! If you noticed, I do link to a couple of other widow/ers here. If you have a blog, I would be happy to link to it. I’ve been meaning to put a few more there, but I don’t always think about it.

    I’m willing to share the few readers I have. 😉

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